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A basic guide to entering Time Trials


In order to enter an open Time Trial you need to be a member of an affiliated club.
Details of affiliated clubs can be found

You will need to have a CTT Handbook so you know where to send the entries.

Copies of the handbook can be ordered through the On-Line shop or from either of the National Secretaries their details can be found HERE

Look though the handbook to find the event(s) you are interested in. This can also be done on our website but at present we do not carry the Organisers details on the site and you will need to look up addresses in the handbook.



 You will notice that the events are listed in the handbook in columns.


The first column is the event type (Distance, 12hr or 24hr or Hill Climb).
All distance events are in miles unless the figure is followed by a "K" which indicates the event is in kilometres.

The second column is the Course key number (a brief course description telling you where the course is located can be found towards the back of the handbook). Each course key begins with a letter which identifies which area the course is in.
Many full course descriptions can be found on the website 

The third is the entry fee.

The fourth is the start time for the event (24hr clock).

The fifth and sixth columns contain various letters that sometimes restrict who may enter, draw your attention that the event has a non standard closing date or various other options.

Column 5 Symbols 1 could include SC and/or NS
SC means the entry to this event has special conditions. It's best to contact the organiser to find out what these are.

NS means the event has a non standard closing date for entries. The date the entries close is shown in the Event Details in column 7.

Column 6 Symbols 5 could include the following

M      Entry is open to Males of 12 years upwards
W      Entry is open to Females of 12 years upwards
E       Entry is open to Espoirs
J       Entry is open to competitors of 12 years upwards up to the junior age limit
Y       Entry is open to competitors of 12 to 15 years inclusive
V       Entry is open to competitors of 40 years and over
A       An Association event open to members of the promoting organisation only
C       Event includes time category awards
H       The event includes handicap awards
B       The evnt is a BBAR qualifying event
T       An event where tricycles are given priority for at least 5% of the maximum permitted entry
TAN  Tandem event to be held in conjunction with Solo event. Entry-fee per rider same as solo event.
IE      This event can be entered via the Internet

Note: All events are open to Men and Women unless shown by "M" or "W" in the 6th column.

The seventh column gives the Event Title and the organiser details. It also gives any relevant information that may be specific to that event. Like Tandems, Tricycles only, Cheques to Joe Bloggs.

Once you have decided which event(s) to enter you will need to complete an entry form. The entry form can be found HERE, hardcopies are also available for purchase through the online shop or from the National Secretaries.

Insert a picture of the Entry Form here.
Place letters in each field with a list underneath/alongside with arrows saying what info needs entering.

When you have completed the entry form you need to send it to the organiser together with the entry fee. The cheque should be made payable to the Promoting Club unless it states otherwise in column seven.

Entries should be sent so that they arrive before the normal closing date/time for events.
This is 18:00hrs on the Tuesday 10 to 13 days prior to the event for event being held on Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. For events being held on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday entries close at 12:00

Please note that in “Open Events” competitors are not allowed to carry any form of advertising (club name accepted) on their clothing unless their club has paid the advertising fee in addition to the affiliation fee. This is different to what is allowed in “Club Events”.

Having entered you should receive a copy of the startsheet through the post four or 5 days before the event. This will contain a list of all riders entered and show their allotted start times. The startsheet will also have details of the event HQ, course details as well as other information which may be specific to that event. Please make sure that you read it carefully and take note of any specific instructions. Many startsheets are also available on the website HERE

If the event is oversubscribed and the organiser has to return your entry, you should get it back within a couple of days of the closing date.

Acceptance of entry for events is based on rider performances and not a first come basis.

Results will be displayed at the event HQ after the event and you will receive a hardcopy resultsheet through the post with 28 days of the event. Many event results will also be displayed HERE on the CTT website.

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