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Ron Kitching Trophy

The Ron Kitching Trophy is for Senior Men. It is based on performances in the National 10, 25, 50 and Circuit (British Time Trial) Championship.

The death of Ron Kitching in December, 2001 provided the trigger to develop an idea that National Committee had previously discussed to introduce a Trophy for Men identical to the Women’s Beryl Burton Trophy. An approach was made to the trustees of Ron’s estate to name this award in his honour. We were delighted when they agreed to our proposal.

Ron was a top class rider in his day, winning many events particularly at the longer distances. He became a cycle trader of great vision travelling the world to find quality equipment for import. What is less well known is the tremendous amount of support and sponsorship that he gave to riders, clubs and National Cycling organisations. It will require loyalty and dedication to win this award and we are sure that the winner each year will be very proud of his achievement in this prestigious competition.

Beryl Burton Trophy

The Beryl Trophy is for Senior Women. It is based on performances in the National 10, 25, 50 and Circuit (British Time Trial) Championship.

Beryl Burton passed away in 1996. She was cycling’s champion of champions, and her particular forte was time trialling. Her first Championship wins came in 1958 and her last in 1986. During that period she wan a total of 72 R.T.T.C. Championships with 4 at 10 miles, 26 at 25 miles, 24 at 50 miles and 18 at 100 miles. Her total would surely have been Closer to a hundred titles had the 10 mile Championship been inaugurated before the start of her reign rather than in 1978, closer to the end of it. With her tremendous ability over such a wide range of distances it was natural that she should win the Women’s B.B.A.R., and she did so for an incredible 25 consecutive years from 1959 to 1983.

It is therefore natural, with such a supreme record in our Championships, that the R.T.T.C., in conjunction with Beryl’s long time club Morley C.C., wishes to recognise and perpetuate her competitive spirit and achievements. The Beryl Burton Trophy is a Morley C.C. trophy which Beryl won on 20 occasions and has been kindly donated by the club for a special Champion of Champions competition for women of all ages. The conditions for winning the trophy reflect he commitment and loyalty to our Championships over all those years. It will require a similar loyalty to win this award and we are sure that the winner each year will be very proud of her own achievement in this prestigious competition.

Chris Boardman Trophy

The Chris Boardman is for Junior Men. It is based on performances in the National 10, 25, Circuit (British Time Trial) Championship and Hill Climb.

With the Ron Kitching Trophy being introduced in 2003 as the Men’s Champion of Champions competition to run alongside the already established Beryl Burton Trophy, it was only going to be a matter of time before National Committee decided to introduce it’s junior counterpart.

An approach was made to Chris who was more than willing for his name to be put to a trophy. As a World, Olympic and multiple National Champion we are sure that this is a trophy that the junior competitors will want to win and possibly one day to go on and strive to equal his achievements.


The BBAR competition is an national event aimed at finding the time-trialists who can claim to be the best over a range of distances. However, all riders who attain the appropriate standard are recognised.

The competition is split into separate classes for Men, Women, Boys and Girls. To qualify, the men must compete (and finish!) in at least one 50 mile event, one 100 mile event and one 12 hour. The events a woman must undertake are at 25, 50 and 100 miles. The two Junior categories must complete at least two 10 mile and two 25 mile races.

The best performances at each distance is taken for the Senior events, and the best two times from each of the distances are used for the Juniors'. The average of the three or four speeds calculated from those results is the key to the competition.

Men attaining a result of not less than 22mph (approx. 35.5 km/h) from their three times receive certificates for their efforts. Women do so if their average is at least 20mph (approx. 32.25 km/h). Boys and girls can also receive certificates, their targets being 23mph and 21mph respectively. (That's around 37 and 33.9 km/h.)

The result is not a true average of a person's combined best endeavors, but is indicative of those qualities that should be aspired to by any all-rounder.

Can I take part?

If you are a member of a Cycling Time Trials or SCU (Scottish Cyclists' Union) affiliated club, and have lived in the UK continuously for two years (or have proven British nationality), then you qualify. To take part, you need to ride eligible events These are marked with a "B". (see your  handbook for details)

There are other restrictions and conditions, but see the handbook for details.

I've ridden my events. What do I do with my times?

For the Senior events, nothing. All promoters of BBAR eligible events should send their result to the National Competitions Secretary  within 28 days. All results later than the 28th day are chased up immediately so organisers should inform me of any delays. Event organisers please note, I have no way of knowing if results are in the post or have been forgotten about.

The Junior Competition must be claimed for. Competitors must send details of their qualifying performances to the Competitions Secretary, from whom the appropriate forms can be obtained.

RTTC-Rudy Project Time Trial Series

  • This points based competition is held on sporting courses across the country
  • The series consists of 8 events with up to 5 events to count
  • There are categories for Men, Women, Espoirs, Juniors, Veterans, and Disabled

National Championships

National Championships are held each year at distances from 10 miles to 24 hours. There is also a Team Time Trial Championship for teams of three riders, a Hill Climb and a Circuit Championship promoted jointly with British Cycling that is known as The British Time Trial Championship.

We also have the GHS Championship for those under 17 years of age. This Championship is unique in that competitors need not be members of affiliated clubs as they can ride in the name of their school.

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