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  1. What is a "Come and Try It" Event?
    It is a means of enabling newcomers to try time trials without some of the usual restrictions that apply e.g. newcomers do not have to be members of an affiliated club, they can ride in any type of clothing etc.

  2. Does the Cycling Time Trials Insurance Policy cover this type of Event?
    Cycling Time Trials has negotiated that the usual Third Party Cover will apply for such events.

  3. What type of event is suitable?
    Any club time trial on a suitable course, but bearing in mind that you want to attract new members and keep them, it is advisable to stage a short distance event of say 5, but certainly no more than 10 miles. These should be on quiet roads on either a circuit type course or the more conventional home and back course, but with a roundabout turn (well marshalled).

  4. Do we need a Headquarters?
    No, but remember that you are trying to attract new members, what better way is there than to greet everyone in pleasant warm surroundings.

  5. Do I need to get permission?
    Yes you do, but most District Committees are keen to encourage such events. Apply to your District Club Events Secretary in the usual way, stating that it is a "Come & Try It" event. If you are using a special course, this will require approval, even if it's a non-standard distance. Don't forget you need to submit a Police Notification Form at least 42 days prior to the event being run.

  6. How do I attract new riders?
    Effective publicity is the key. Contact the National Secretary for A4 size posters. You can fill in your own event details. He will also send you leaflets about time Mailing that you can distribute. Contact local schools, youth clubs, bike/sports shops, Leisure Centres, public libraries and community centres to display your posters. The local press, radio and television may also be informed. Give them a story line to stimulate their interest and to attract newcomers.

  7. What do I need to advertise?
    The name of your cycling club - this gives the event credibility. Date, time and venue of the event. Make it clear that the event is being run for newcomers therefore there is no need to feel inhibited. No special equipment is needed just a roadworthy bike. Encourage them to just turn up for a chat and a cup of tea if they don't want to ride first time. Make it clear that they must be over 12 years of age, and will need to bring with them a signed parental consent form. Encourage the parents to come along also. If they get really interested they may agree to help at future events or even ride themselves.

  8. On the day of the Event
    Ensure that a good cross section of club members are present to welcome any newcomers and ready to give them helpful and friendly advice and encouragement. Have light refreshments avail-able for both competitors and anyone with them. A club official needs to explain what a time trial is and the need for parental consent and signing-on sheets. The course route should be clearly explained (copies of a simple map are very useful). Briefly mention the important safety points and check that the machines are road-worthy. If parents or friends wish to go around the course they should be allowed to do so, but make it clear that this is not allowed in other events.

  9. After the Event
    Have plenty of literature about the club and other events in your District available. Be ready to answer any questions and have the necessary papers ready for anyone wishing to sign-up straight away. Make sure you have a plentiful supply of tea and cakes.

  10. Why should we bother?
    Unless your cycling club is extremely lucky the trend over the past few years is for fewer 12 to 18 year olds to come into the sport of cycling. This is an opportunity for your club to reverse this trend. GHS Competition Conditions now allow for non-members to ride in District Finals and if successful the National Final (so long as they are over 12 years of age and in compulsory full time education).

  11. Who do I contact for further information?
    Your District Secretary or the National Secretaries

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